Wet Grinder

Engaged in constant service to the food industry for decades, Industrial Fabricators is also a trusted and reputed name in providing a wide range of grinders for various food processing applications. Be it dry grinding of various fruits, vegetables, herbs, leaves, spices or wet grinding for chillies (Red & Green), garlic ginger or fruits (thick pastes), herbs and leaves etc. look no further than Industrial Fabricators. Our grinding machines are specially crafted for optimum performance with ease of operations. These machines are in line with all modern food safety standards. We have a wide range of grinders/pulverisers from small, medium and large-scale models. IFP Series, TW Series.

Approx. Capacity. 600-800 Kgs./Hr.


Grind material into sauces or very small pieces, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, onion, etc. Suitable for restaurants, food processing centers, central kitchens, hotels, bars, condiment and seasoning companies, salad dressing, etc.


Food Grade construction with ease of cleaning, and maintenance free design.
Completely adjustable outputs in terms of grinding fineness

Wet Grinder