Parabolic trough collectors

  • A Parabolic Trough Collector (Ptc) Is A Concentrating Solar Collector
  • Uses A Parabolic Trough To Concentrate The Solar Radiation On To A Heat Collecting Element
  • High Efficiency Thermal Energy Collection
  • Parabolic Collectors Achieve High Operating Temperatures Using Focused Solar Radiation.

Applications – High Temperature Hot Water, Hot Air, Thermic Fluid Heating

Technical Specifications

Type, model Concentrated Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Collector(PTC) system, LES-GARUDA10
Collector Receiver Tube assembly SS tube with special nano material based thermal absorptance coating with glass cover for max heat absorption
Total Collector Aperture area 16.2 sqm
Energy supplied( kCal/day/collector ) 35,000
Temperature control RTD Sensors
Tracking drives Electro-mechanical drives for PTC sun tracking
Sun tracking Automated PLC controlled sun tracking system
Parabolic trough collectors