Liquid Mixing Tank

Designed specifically for mixing of viscus or non-viscus liquids. Cleverly fabricated keeping in mind the versatilities involved in processing of various liquids for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nutraceutical and herbal etc. industries. Maintaining a balance of cost of manufacturing and performance, Industrial Fabricators have been serving the process industry for more than 35 years.

Mixing is an important phenomenon to food processing operations, such as mixing of two or more liquids, mixing of solids (Powders/Granules) with liquid for preparation of syrups, additives etc. The process involves slow speed or high-speed mixing with heating/cooling or simply blending without heating or cooling etc.

Provision of different types of agitators/blades like Caw’s blade, Anchor Type Agitators, Paddle Type Agitators, Turbine Type Agitators, Paddle type agitators, Helical Type, Ribbon Type and many more customized options. Fabricated with a jacket/dimple jacket or limpet coils for heating/cooling application. Provision of vacuum for solvent recovery etc. activities.

From 50 litters capacity to 5 KL and above as per customer’s requirement. Fabricated in various combinations meeting GMP/Non GMP norms like S.S. 316, S.S.304, M.S. etc.

Liquid Mixing Tank