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Direct & Indirect Hot Air Generators

Industrial Fabricators is a leading manufacturer of various types of Heating systems. Hot air generators are one of our most trusted and successful products. Popularly known as HAG is designed and manufactured in highest quality with utmost precision to cater numerous industries like pharmaceutical, chemicals, pigments, raisins & plastics, food, defense etc.

Product Introduction & Application:

Air Heating is one of a most basic requirements in majority of the industry. Most of the industrial processes are carried out by indirect or direct heat treatment. Temperatures, Flows, Pressures, and quality of air depending up on process requirements. HAG is one of the most widely used equipment having two major classifications ie. Direct & Indirect.

Direct HAG’s are mostly used for processes where the products are not heat sensitive or the hygiene requirements are not mandatory and not meant for human consumption. Indirect fired HAG’s are designed to generate hot air, which come through a safe path not having direct contact with the heating media or combustion. Operated with various solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.

Design characteristics

When it comes to Drying, Heating, Baking, Curing, aneling etc. applications look no further than Industrial Fabricators make Hot Air Generators. Biggest challenge the modern-day industry faces is the productivity and production cost which is directly linked to consumption of fuel for heating applications. Industrial Fabricators make HAG are specifically designed to meet the challenges of low fuel consumption without compromising the process requirements.

To generate Effective, Efficient and Ecofriendly hot air, various design’s are implemented based on the process requirement. Fresh/Ambient air is passed through the heating media (Direct or Indirect) which transfers heat energy from the media to air. The heated air is channeled to application areas by industrial ducts. Depending up on temperature requirements, number of passes, MoC etc. are determined and finally passed for manufacturing.

With numerous installations of HAG having a wide variety of classifications and sub classifications, we proudly call ourselves Industry Leaders in terms of providing most efficient and reliable systems. With a highly experienced team of technicians and designers and over three and a half decades of Technical experience, Industrial Fabricators make HAG’s are not just reliable but ecofriendly and effective.

Fabricated out of heavy-duty sheets/plates to withstand variable process requirements, the system is not just robust but gives an attractive design. Mounted on a sturdy mono-block type structure which enables the system to work effectively in most adverse conditions. Comes with a wide verity of options for heating media like Wood, Coal, Electric, Steam, Thermic Fluid, Hot water, Hot Oil (Thermic Fluid) Gas, Heat Pump etc. It also includes some of the advanced technology to operate on Renewable energy and cleanest energy sources like Solar Thermal, Solar air collection, Geothermal etc. and comes with an option of hybrid systems where a combination of heating media both Renewable and Natural resources. System can be offered with various accessories and utilities like Air Filtration systems, Air Dehumidification or Humidification systems, air re circulatory systems, Scrubbers (Wet & Dry), dust collectors etc.

*IFHWG & IFHOG systems offered by Industrial Fabricators can be coupled along with the system as heating media. IFHWG and IFHOG are uniquely designed utilities to generate hot water or thermic fluid oil which can be circulated through the Heat Exchanger with minutely designed control system for precise and accurate and extremely economic operations. (Link of IFHOG & IFHWG to be given)






SS.304, GMP


5 10 30

Capacity (Kg)




Bulk Density


Motor (HP)


2 3






Electric, Steam, Thermic Fluid, Direct/Indirect Gas, Hot Air Generator, Hot water, Solar Thermal


1 Ph 230 V/3 Ph. 415 V, 50/60 HZ


Ambient + 5 to 100°C


Standard Semi-Automatic, Touch screen with PLC & HMI based Fully Automatic, Flame-Proof /Explosion proof, ATTEX etc.


Cooling, Dehumidification, Humidification etc.

Special Note.

Industrial Fabricators reserves rights to change the specifications without prior notice. The data shared are just indicative and actual data may vary. Completely customized systems with special requirements can be designed as per customer’s requirements.

Special Features

Mono block and hybrid design helps in achieving up to 40% Higher Performance and Efficiency.
Eco friendly. Highly efficient, which results in low carbon footprint.
Aerodynamic Design helps in achieving maximum performance.
Zero Maintenance design enables our systems to operate uninterruptedly for years to come.
Easy Clean Technology, Hygienic Operations. Our uniquely designed system ensures maximum hygiene and safe operation. No sharp corners, no rough edges, no corners whatsoever.
Compatible with latest low emission flues/heating media.
Complete customization available for various processes like Stabilization, fluid bed processing,
moisturizing etc. Feel free to ask us for your requirements, we will be happy to assist.
High quality components and parts, from globally accepted brands and OEM’s. (Motors, PLC Controls, Gauges etc.)

Why Us:

Through our constant innovation and practice of research in design, we deliver highly precise equipment’s that achieve efficient processing of materials with uniformity along with reliability.

Industrial Fabricators is one of a leading and a trusted manufacturer of various drying, heating baking, and processing equipment’s for various industries for over three decades. More than the manufacturing skills, our uncompromised after sales service and overall support is the key to our success.

Food Hot Air Generator