Vegetable Washing Machine

Multi-Purpose Fruits, Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Leaves washing Systems.

Industrial Fabricators is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different type washing machines specially crafted for adequately washing various whole and cut fruits, vegetables, herbs, leaves. These machines are equipped with various latest features like Air Bubble, Multiple swing arms, Drums, Circulatory and recirculatory action, forced circulation and re-circulation action, filtration etc. to generate extreme results. The systems are fabricated and assembled as per strict food grade requirements and are capable to produce extremely high quality of washed fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, root vegetables and some herbs, leaves etc. We have a wide range of washing machines from semiautomatic, fully automatic and small to medium to large scale capacities with Models TW-506, TW-307L, TW-706. For Small to medium capacities, we have beautifully designed compact TW-106 Machine.


1. Washing of cut/whole. (chopped/sliced and cubed)Fruit’svegetable and transfer to next production process automatically.
2. Mainly usedfor the fresh/cut vegetable, fruits distribution centre, food processing units etc. It is the best choice for major processing industries.


  • Washing by powerful and controllable spiral water flow with air bubble.
  • Strong washing ability, high quality cleaning without damagingthe material, Longer Washing distance ensures perfect washing.
  • SpeciallyfabricatedU Type Tank, for root vegetables the sand will settled down at the bottom of tank and discharged separately.
  • Filtrationwith re-circulation of water allows a lot of savingin terms of water and energy.
  • Completely made from S.S.304 material, which comply with food safety standards. Simple and elegant appearance. Easy to operate and clean.
Vegetable Washing Machine