Root Vegetables

Industrial Fabricators is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of different types of food processing machines. Our peeling machines are specially crafted for precise peeling applications. These machines are fine tuned to generate extremely high-quality skin removals of various fruits & vegetables. We have a wide range of machines from small, medium and large-scale models. TW-1000 Series, TW-1001, KA, FAP.

Approx. Capacity. 400-1000 Kgs./Hr.


Universal peeler, specifically built for root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, ginger, lotus roots, carrot, pumpkin, onion, etc. Widely used in restaurant, super markets, food processing units, large canteens.


Imported brushes made from nylon 101.
Spilling water from the top during peeling, more efficient
Hardened brushes for efficient scrubbing and durability.

Root Vegetables