Food Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer

Industrial Fabricators is a leading and a prominent designer and manufacturer of world class process equipment’s for various industries. Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer is one of a versatile equipment of many from our production line.

Product Introduction & Application:

Rota Cone Vacuum dryer, commonly abbreviated as RCVD is one of the most complex processing equipment designed for various critical and highly priced products mostly granules, crystals, powders etc. having relatively low moisture content within the pharmaceutical, chemical, food etc. industries. RCVD manufactured at Industrial Fabricators has functionality to operate at low temperatures under vacuum condition. This equipment is versatile and is incorporated with various mechanical and design modes which the user can manipulate based on his/her requirement. Industrial Fabricators RCVD is multifunctional system which can carry multiple processes at a time, like Drying under vacuum at relatively low temperature, mixing/tumbling, solvent recovery etc.

Drying of sensitive products that can be damaged due to high temperature, easily oxidized or contaminated due to atmospheric contact, which releases strong irritants or hazardous fumes/dust, and volatile compounds is a tedious and challenging job. Industrial Fabricator’s RCVD takes immense care of such products with ease.

Design characteristics

Manufacturing process of RCVD is tedious and requires utmost precision and experience along with designs. With an experienced team of experts and over three and a half decades experience Industrial Fabricators has mastered the skill of delivering world class Rota Cone Vacuum Drying systems.

Fabricated out of heavy-duty sheets/plates to withstand low vacuums levels up to 760mm Hg. The system is not just robust but gives an attractive outline. Mounted on a sturdy structure which enables the rotational movement of entire cone along with assembles without any vibrations. Comes with a wide verity of options for heating media like Steam, Thermic Fluid, Hot water.

*IFHWG & IFHOG systems offered by Industrial Fabricators can be coupled along with the system as heating media. IFHWG and IFHOG are uniquely designed utilities to generate hot water or thermic fluid oil which can be circulated within the RCVD for precise and accurate and extremely economic operations.







 MS/ SS.304, MS/ SS.316, SS.304, GMP

Dimension (Approx.)


1900 x 850 x 1700

2200 x 1000 x 1900

2200 x 1000 x 1900

2500 x 1200 x 2100

Vol. (Ltrs)


100 200 300 500


50 120 150 250

Capacity (kg)

30 60 85 150

Receiver (ltrs)

50 100 150 200

Motor (HP)

3 3 5 7.5


Steam, Thermic Fluid, Hot water.


3 Ph. 415 V, 50 HZ





Ambient + 5 to 80°C


Standard Semi-Automatic, Touch screen with PLC & HMI based Fully Automatic, Flame Proof /Explosion proof


Full vacuum up-to 760 mm of Hg

Special Note.

(Higher temperatures available on request, subject to type of heating media)

Industrial Fabricators reserves rights to change the specifications without prior notice. The data shared are just indicative and actual data may vary. Completely customized systems with special requirements can be designed as per customer’s requirements.

Special Features

Heavy duty construction. Completely Aero dynamic design helps in achieving Higher Performance and Efficiency.
Eco friendly. Highly efficient, which results in low carbon footprint.
Zero Maintenance design enables our systems to operate uninterruptedly for years to come.
Hygienic Operations. Our uniquely designed system ensures maximum hygiene and safe operation. No sharp corners, no rough edges, no corners whatsoever.
Computable with latest low emission flues/heating media.

Why Us:

Through our constant innovation and practice of research in design, we deliver highly precise equipment’s that achieve efficient processing of materials with uniformity along with reliability.

Industrial Fabricators is one of a leading and a trusted manufacturer of various drying, heating baking, and processing equipment’s for various industries for over three decades. More than the manufacturing skills, our uncompromised after sales service and overall support is the key to our success. Our

Food Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer