Food Double Cone Blender

Mixing and blending is one of the most common but very common application in food processing Industry. Industrial fabricator’s is engaged in design, manufacture and supply of various types and capacities of blenders & mixers for solids, semi solids, low & highly viscus liquids.


Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile equipment widely used for homogeneously mixing dry powders and granules. Available in various constructions ie. GMP and Non GMP. Having capacities from 25 litters to 1000 litters gross volume.


  • The conical shape at both ends enables uniform & effective mixing.
  • Dynamically balanced cone for smooth operations.
  • Provision of different types of agitators and baffles based on process requirement.
  • FLP Construction available on request.
  • Dust collectors available as attachment.
  • Unique Cantilever design, for lower capacity (Lab Scale Models).
Food Double Cone Blender