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 Industrial Blowers
We offer wide range of Industrial Blowers like Ring Blower, Side Channel Blower, Regenerative Blower, Turbine Blower
Specifications :
Output Power: 0.2 Kw To 7.5 Kw
Max Flow : 530 M3/Hr (312 Cfm)
Max Pressure : 570 Mbar (228 In H2o)
Max Vacuum : 440mbar (174 In H2o)
Stages : Single/Double Electrical
1. 220 Vac, 50 Hz, Single Phase
2. 440 Vac, 50 Hz, Three Phase
Features :
The Ring Blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring considerably higher pressure. Side Channel exhausters are used in all those applications requiring an operating vacuum higher than the one achievable by a fan, but not as to require the use of a vacuum pump. The rotating parts are not in contact with the casing. Therefore, no friction during operation and thus no internal lubrication is necessary. The other main features are:
Higher pressure ratio
100% oil-free air
Low noise level (65dba Normal, 85 dba Max.)
140% Overload protection
±10% Voltage fluctuation tolerance
Rated for continuous duty
IP 54 Protection
Class F insulation
Pressure die casted body, impeller & rotar
Low temperature rise
No, vibration, and therefore complete
Pulsation- free discharge
Cooler running, double sealed NSK (Japan) bearings
The Ring Blowers are suitable for very wide field of application some of them are:
Pneumatic conveying of solids/liquids
Vacuum transfer of components/sheets
Blowing away debris/sucking away debris
Sorting/counting of cards/envelopes/papers
To suck debris/gases from clean rooms/enclosed spaces/tunnels/laboratories
To agitate and aerate water in spa/whirlpool/swimming pool/fishing tanks/aqua culture tanks
Furnace fuel burning
Beverage bottling/labeling drying
Medical/dental suction units
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